From the beginning of the OEM product development to shipping

Step 1

Prior to production of molding design.

Step 2

Development of the mold / parallel processes.

Step 3

Mass production and shipping.

※ Please note that the production period listed is merely to give you an idea of the timeframe. This duration might change depending on the details and situation.

Step 1

Prior to production of molding design.

Production Period:
About 20 days

First Meeting

First, we request the client to fill out a counseling sheet. It would be preferable to meet face to face. Place: Japan, Taiwan, where your company may be.
*Your company will be requested to pay for travel expenses when we are requested to pay a visit.

Production of the mockup model

The DUO designer will hand carve the figuration based on the counseling sheet. You can check this by looking at the scanned data or the actual mockup model. (no need to return).

Production of machine cut prototype

Based on the scanned data from mockup model, we will make a lure which is swimmable so you can have an idea of the final image.


First quote

If you are happy with the machine cut prototype, we will provide you with the first quote. We will ask you for your production schedule at this stage. The quote provided will comprise of two documents, one for the "mold" and another for the "product".

Step 2

Development of the mold / parallel processes.

Production Period:
About 45 days

Production of the carved electrode

Based on the scanned data, we will produce a "carved electrode" which will become the "mold". Please transfer the cost of the "mold" when we initiate this step.
※ You can visit and observe this process. *You will be responsible for all visiting costs.

Check the finishes

We will provide you with an image of the finished product, and once we receive confirmation or your "go ahead", we will commence our work.
※ If we do not hear from you, we will not continue until we do so.

Commence development

Once we receive confirmation from our client, we will initiate process of the "core" and "cavity". We will finalize the parts which will not be required for action adjustment on the mold.

Action adjustment

We will produce a number of samples through the combination of hand made parts and the mold to have a look at different actions. We will do our best, but there may be areas or actions which will not be physically possible to produce.

Final processing

Based on the best action sample, we will produce the final mold. Once this process is finished, we will be able to initiate mass production. Please have your delivery date, number of products and production schedule ready.
※ We will be able to provide you with the final quote based on the delivery date and number.


Check the final product

Please check the final product which will be sent to you and decide on the color of the lure based on the specific color sheet provided.
※ Once the processing of the mold is finished, we will provide you with the "mold certificate" (which states that we are in possession your "mold").

Step 3

Mass production and shipping.

Production Period:
About 60 days

Finalizing the order

We will need to receive the official order sheet from the client, which will include numbers of different colors. Once we see that "half the money from the order" has been transferred to DUO, we will let you know of this confirmation. At this stage, please commence the designing of the packaging.

Initiate Injection molding

With the completed mold, we will initiate mass production. Even if there are any problems arising during the injection molding, as it is produced within our technical office, the recovery process is also prompt.


We carefully assemble the parts together to create a high quality body, based on the operating instructions manual. This manual lists specific characteristics of different parts and precautions, and we must pay special attention to the atmospheric conditions depending on the season.


The coloring process is a completely manual process conducted by DUO staff. We have had a secret color creating recipe handed down since the founding of DUO. You will be able to see efficient yet humanized coloring booths.


Packaging & Shipping

Once we attach the hooks and package the lures, we have our final product.Please transfer the balance listed on the INVOICE which will be provided to you. Once we have confirmed the money transfer, we will commence shipping of the product with the carrier of your choice (FedEx, EMS, etc).
※ Cost of freight will be FOB.

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